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Trusted associate Dom-'Dominus Tyrannus'

Meet Tyrannus, a charismatic BDSM dominant with a commanding presence. With a magnetic personality and a deep understanding of power dynamics, he is skilled in creating a safe and consensual environment for exploration and growth. Tyrannus's passion lies in guiding submissives through intense experiences of pleasure, pain, and surrender, always emphasizing trust, communication, and respect. A master of both physical and psychological domination, he intuitively adapts to each individual's needs and desires. Through his firm yet nurturing guidance, Tyrannus helps submissives unlock their hidden desires, empowering them to embrace their true selves with confidence and fulfillment.

Domination Style

As a commanding dominant who finds pleasure in the realms of corporal punishment, restraint, caning, belts, and smacking. With an understanding of the delicate balance between pain and pleasure, I create a consensual and safe environment where I can explore the depths of submission with willing partners. My skilled hands wield floggers and canes, delivering precise strikes that awaken the senses and unlock hidden desires. My expertise lies in the art of restraint, expertly binding submissives with ropes and cuffs, ensuring their complete surrender. The sound of leather meeting flesh excites him, as I skillfully administers a mix of tantalizing smacks and stinging belt strikes, intensifying both the physical and psychological aspects of the experience.

My dominance is tempered by empathy and trust, as I value open communication and mutual respect, always ensuring that the desires and limits of my submissives are honored. Within my firm control,  I guides my submissives on a journey of liberation, allowing them to discover their deepest vulnerabilities and find profound pleasure in the exquisite dance of pain and submission.


Tribute rates from £55 hr excluding dungeon hire  

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