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Session Services

I enjoy punishining, humiliating and degrading my subs, slaves and sissies in the following-

*The Purchase of 'Used Underwear' £35 +p&p
*The purchase of my 'Golden Juice' £25 +p&p

Anal Play (Prostate Massage, Butt Plugs, Strap-On/Pegging)

Ball Busting 

Bastinado (Caning of Feet)

Bondage (Ropes, Chains, Clingfilm etc)

Breathing Control (Ball Gag or Face Sitting ONLY)

Chastity (Cock Cage)

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Cock Sucking (FemDom Dildo)

Fetish Play (Infant, Pet etc)

Forniphilia (Used as funiture)

Foot Fetishes (Feet Worship, Shoes, Nylons etc)

Humiliation (SPH/Small Cock)

Impact Play (Smacking, Flogging, Caning, Whipping etc)

Nipple Play (Twisting, Clamping, Whipping etc)

Muscle Play (Wrestling etc)

Orgasm/Edging (Orgasm Denial etc)

Punishment (Impact, denial, toture etc)

Sensory Play (Blindfold, Dark Room Chamber, Ice/Wax, electrodes etc)

Role Play (Patient/Nurse, Student/Teacher etc)

Sissy Play (Forced feminization)

Sploshing (Wet & Messy Food/Beverage Play)

Trampling (Walked upon)

Water Sports

I conduct all of my sessions exclusively  at Chelmsford and Westcliff-on-Sea dungeons. I will not meet clients at other locations. I DO NOT OFFER SEXUAL INTERCOURSE!

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